Art Dubai

Artist Terms and Conditions - Addendum

(Amrita Sethi update)

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Note: The below terms and conditions apply to MORROW collective's participation at Art Dubai 2022. They are an addendum to existing / broader terms and conditions applicable to MORROW collective's artist partners. For details please contact


  1. MORROW COLLECTIVE FZ-LLC is a Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC registered in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, United Arab Emirates with license number 0000004033599) ("MORROW").

  2. The applicant artist or co-operating group of artists, who submits an application via the applicable 'Art Dubai' application form on the MORROW collective website hosted at ("the Artist"); the specific details of whom shall be captured in the application form.

Each is a “Party” and together the “Parties”.



A. MORROW wishes to display and attempt to sell, during the Art Dubai 2022 exhibition, NFTs of artwork created by the Artist, in addition to, where applicable, corresponding / related physical art (“Pieces”).

B.  The Artist wishes to co-operate with MORROW to enable clause A.

Agreed terms:

  • Selection of Pieces for inclusion at Art Dubai shall be at MORROW's discretion.

  • Selected Pieces shall be displayed in one or more of the following formats at MORROW's stand (display format per Piece shall be at MORROW's discretion):

    • Salon style screen wall,

    • Curated screens,

    • Physical piece(s) with augmented reality.

  • Fees:

    • inclusion fee: US$500 per NFT, US$1000 per physical Piece

    • NFT development / animation support (if required): US$500 per NFT,

    • sales split 70% to the Artist, 30% to MORROW (for sales of the NFT(s) & / or physical piece(s) showcased at the MORROW booth at Art Dubai whether the partial / edition / component sales occur before, during or after Art Dubai).

  • If physical Pieces are included, the Artist shall ensure they have sufficient insurance in place as per the requirements of Art Dubai.​ MORROW shall not beheld responsible for any damage to Physical Pieces before, during, or after Art Dubai (i.e. during transportation, storage, installation, display and de-installation).

  • if physical Pieces are included, the Artist shall be responsible for all activities related to transportation, storage, installation and de-installation.