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UAE First Immersion


MORROW collective will present 'UAE First Immersion' at Art Dubai Digital in 2023. This is presentation of new artworks by some leading names in crypto art, produced after they visited the UAE for the first time in November 2022. The presentation will feature new works by Coldie, Colborn Bell, Monaris, Bryan Brinkman, untitled xyz and Raphael.

Launched as a new addition to the fair in March 2022, Art Dubai Digital provides an annual 360-degree snapshot of the digital art landscape, with the ambition of building bridges between the world of art and technology and exploring how artists are utilising immersive technologies to collapse the boundaries of the traditional art world.


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" I try to fight the brain. "

Our 21st century society is drowning in images; a dizzying waterfall of visual data giving new meaning to the term ‘rapid eye movement’. What exactly compels our eyes to alight, to dwell, to focus? Branding agencies, UI designers and visual artists around the world seek the magic formula to answer that question and pause our continuous scrolling, competing over microseconds of attention, let alone more

coldie 2.png

Bryan Brinkman

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“I use a candy coating of colour to get people to listen”

Bryan Brinkman can always gauge someone’s engagement with his work by the happiness they associate with it. His pastel-coloured cheerful animations may seem frivolous, jolly and fun, but most of the time, they are much more more


Untitled XYZ


“All of my buildings are inside out”

Architectural design in ‘real life’ can require 100s of iterations prior to deciding the final structure. The resulting architecture must make sense logistically, fit the allocated budget and is obviously bound by physics and gravity. However, when Kirk Finkel practised as an architect, he always felt the unrealised imaginings were the most exciting, where the most stakeholders were engaged and creativity flourished; tossing them aside was to sacrifice artistry for more

Colborn Bell

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“I don’t like mixing art and money”

Colborn Bell is an intriguing sum of many parts. Perhaps best known in the crypto space for the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), which he founded in 2020 and to which he donated 150 of his personal collection of 1/1 NFT artworks, he is a former financier, self-declared outsider and an artist who values, above all, stories, connections and more


monaris 2.jpg
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“Every time I take a photo, I close my eyes and it is like a movie”

Monaris didn’t plan to become an artist. It wasn’t her plan to embrace the photographic medium, nor to become one of the first NFT photographers. But her pursuit was instinctive and the results testify to a labour of dedication to an innate vision; her success came as a natural and deserved more

monaris 3.webp


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“Shifting perspective is really powerful, in art and in life.”

Whilst most artists connect with a need for creativity at a young age, Raphael says he was brought up as a child to be fluent in the language of art. “I quite literally grew up inside a piece of art,” he said. “My mother was a painter and when she would run out of canvas she would just turn to the walls, gluing on shards of mirror and painting around them. She was an abstract expressionist and my father was a musician fluent in Middle Eastern woodwinds. We lived in a very rural area in Northern California, surrounded by woods. We had no electricity, no TV; it was just art.” more


Marc Billings

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“Digital is today’s tool that enables the greatest opportunity for free expression”

Q: How did Black Dove start?

A: In 2002 while visiting Art Basel I fell in love with the moving image artwork from Giles Hendrix. Raw, using the technologies of our time and unapologetically digital, the work symbolised the new generation of artists that would come after him. My co-founder Marisa and I were collecting and engaging in this new medium and built Blackdove for our own more

Jon Perkins


“There was a spark of magic around SuperRare from the beginning”

Q: When you founded SuperRare, what were your primary intentions?

A: I stared the company with my two cousins, John Crain and Charles Crain. We all have a background that threads the needle between art and technology. We were living in New York when Ethereum first launched in 2015 and we had been following the first two years of that closely; there was a ton of innovation around it. more


Matthew Ferrick 


“We’re at the beginning of a digital Renaissance.”

Since MORROW collective became Publishers on Nifty Gateway, we’ve curated a bunch of drops with our artists and we are excited to be collaborating with the platform for Art Dubai Digital 2023.


Here, we had a chat with Matthew Ferrick, Creative Lead at Nifty Gateway, to give us some insight into what makes NG tick. more

main booth artists


VESA is an award winning digital art pioneer. He innovated his own mixed media process in 2008, and has been full-time in the crypto art and NFT space since 2017. He is considered to be a leading early artist building the metaverse and NFT expansion, being among the first to enter in the earliest stages.

Fabin Rasheed

Fabin Rasheed is an artist, designer, innovator and technologist. His works revolve around exploring different creative expressions on topics such as philosophy and spirituality and span a variety of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, gestures, voice and generative arts. In 2015 he was selected as one of the top Innovators from India as part of NCSI, Pune to present his work in the presence of the Vice President of India.

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Magda Malkoun

Magda Malkoun is multi-faceted artist who combines her interest in photography and sculpture into her practice. Malkoun’s oeuvre encompasses a series of figurative and abstract art inspired by the conflicts and bonds people form with places, events and faces whilst in displacement. Malkoun won the Best Emerging artist award in World Art Dubai 2021.

khalid al banna.jpg
Khalid Al Banna

Khalid Al Banna is a contemporary Emirati artist renowned for using collage as a primary technique to explore subjects pertinent to the history and rapid transformations of his home country. His works are held in the collections of Sharjah Art Museum, Barjeel Art Foundation, Abu Dhabi Music & Art Foundation, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and more.

aisha juma.jpg
Aisha Juma

Aisha Juma is an Emirati artist born and raised in Dubai. She received a BFA, College of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt, and MFA Arts from the Society & Public from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. She has worked as an art educator in the UAE as well as a freelance graphic and visual artist. Aisha began her career as an NFT artist in 2022.

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Nujoom Alghanem

Nujoom Alghanem is an Emirati artist, poet, and multi- award-winning film director. She has published eight poetry collections and produced 20 award-winning films. Alghanem represented the UAE at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019 with a site specific, two channel film, Passage, which was co-written, designed, and supervised by curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath.

Farid Rasulov

Farid represented Azerbaijan at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. Rasulov is active across a wide range of artistic media – large scale paintings, installations, 3D graphics, animation and sculpture. His works are usually intellectually provocative. Not accidentally, this con­ceptual artist stubbornly denies charges of his art being multi-layered and profound. He insists that he has meant absolutely nothing, that he simply replicated the commonplace things that he saw around him. 

Naime Pakniyat

Naime Pakniyats's art is inspired by Eastern cultures. In 2016 she started combining pixel art and traditional paintings as a bridge between past and present, ancient and modern life. In 2020 she created her first 3-minute animation, “Gambit”.The film has already been selected for more than 14 international festivals.  Pakniyat joined the NFT space in 2021. Most of her pieces are inspired by Persian miniature.

Najat Makki

Najat Makki is a pioneering Emirati artist best known for her curiosity for colour and dreamlike, abstract depictions of the natural landscape in the UAE. Her works are in the permanent collections of Sharjah Art Museum, the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation in Dubai, Women’s Museum in Dubai and the Ministry of Culture and Youth in Abu Dhabi and more.

Juma Alhaj

Juma Alhaj’s work is derived from spiritual experiences from significant or spiritual texts.  One can interpret his pieces as a transcendence towards nostalgia or a personal spiritual experience. He dissolves grammatical structure and leaves nothing but the conceptualization of words they symbolise.  Juma was mentored by artist Ted Ramsey at the New School of Northern Virginia.

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