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Askhat Akhmediyarov

Andakulova Gallery


digital print on Hahnemühle fine art bamboo paper 1/5

100 x 100cm


The apple originates from Kazakhstan and its largest city Almaty, whose old name 'Alma-Ata' means 'father of apples'. However, the wild apple habitats across the country have dramatically declined since the 1980s, slowly being replaced by real estate, shopping malls and commerce. Cartogram presents Almaty and wider Kazakhstan as a country in transition, caught between the past and the future, where the fruit as well as the traditions of the people are under threat.

Askhat Akhmadiyarov was born in 1965 in Uralsk region of Kazakhstan and lives and works in Astana. He received an art degree from Shymkent art school. HIs exhibition history includes exhibitions at The Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Art Dubai 2014 Marker section and solo-show Singular Plural, in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016). He has participated in international biennials in Singapore (2013) and 56th Venice Biennale in a group exhibition titled Protagonists. The invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan.

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