hazem 2.jpg

Survey For a Colonial Map #2

Hazem Harb

Tabari Art Space

2021UV Fine art print of acrylic sheets mounted on linen canvas on plywood

121 x 151 cm

The first reliable map of Palestine to appear in the modern era was published in 1883. Copies of this survey that detail the names and locations of hamlets, wadis and hills, can still be found in the Library of Congress. A century later, information concerning Palestinian territories has been negated from Israeli land maps, the country became a terra nullius and victim of systematic erasure. For this body of work, 'Survey For a Colonial Map' Hazem Harb’s focus falls, in the Foucaultian sense, upon colonial ideologies and the erasure of cultural narratives, territories or information through institutions and systems of knowledge from archaeology, to geography, geology, and natural history. 

This is one of a three part series.

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