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Kenny Schachter

- Bio
Kenny Schachter (b. 1961) is an artist, writer, lecturer and curator. He is published by MIT Press, NY Magazine, The Times (UK), and has a regular column on Artnet. Schachter has exhibited internationally with an upcoming solo museum show at the Francisco Carolinum in Linz, Austria in September 2023. He also coauthored a book on NFTs out in November 2023 published by Rowman & Littlefield

- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?


- What was a significant event that happened in the 10-year history of Blockchain art that influenced you as an artist?


- What message(s) are you sharing in your new {R(Evolutionaries);} artwork?


kenny genesis.gif
Genesis: Unlimited mask
diewiththemostlikes - Filling Holes.gif
R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: titlexx
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