Gabriella Anouk

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Gabriella Anouk is a British artist based in London who began her career as a commission-based art practice. In 2021, she was inspired to change direction in her art practice and express herself more fully, exploring different techniques and subjects. She created the Slime Series in 2022 and had her first solo exhibition in London.

Gabriella's Pomegranate Amour was exhibited with MORROW collective "613", an exhibition in the immersive, multi-sensory gallery Art In Space, in Dubai, in July 2022.

Pomegranate Amour NFT

Gabriella Anouk’s hyper-realistic, hand-crafted coloured pencil drawings are striking in their details. The artist, inspired by the surrealist tradition, has taken fruit as her subject and daubed it with slime, creating an eye-catching and aesthetically satisfying composition. Adding animation to her work, gives texture and movement, which adds to the experience.

Gems D'Amour

Gabriella is delighted to exhibit her Gems d’amour Collection of 25 NFTs, launched in Dubai and now also being shown in London.

View the complete collection here