GENESIS - highlights

GENESIS. exhibition

28 . 05 . 21 - 20 . 06 .21

There is always a beginning. For the artists in this exhibition, Genesis marks the beginning of their journey into crypto art. It is also the Genesis of MORROW collective. MORROW prides itself on substance and narrative, bringing compelling stories from around the world into one space. In this, our inaugural exhibition, you will find intimate portraits, national pride, nostalgic yearnings, myths, traditions and futuristic projections. You will find emotions such as anger, joy and humour as well as serenity, peace and abstract wanderings of the creative mind. The show is divided into five sections, which take the viewer on a journey of possibilities. Art is not only about beautiful aesthetics; art can also change lives offering new perspectives for each and every viewer. Come on our Genesis journey with us and experience something that you didn’t even know that you were missing. 

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portraits & faces

In Portraits & Faces you may find yourself eye to eye with the subject, you may not. This section is dedicated to representations of people, personalities, emotions and characters whether implicit or explicit. Allow the portraits here to introduce themselves, so that you can enter their worlds and discover what they have to say.


In the Abstract section, the works are stylistically linked. They do not attempt to depict a concrete image but rather seek to achieve their effect through shape, colour, texture and form. Beneath the surfaces, the narratives are compelling and poignant. 

lifecycle & consciousness

The Lifecycle & Consciousness section explores themes of universalism. The lifeforce of humanity is almost tangible in many of the works. Viewers here are also drawn into an almost dreamlike state either with meditative contemplation or speculative journeys into the future. Much quieter than other sections, this floor gives the viewer time to ponder in peace.

loss & nostalgia

Loss & Nostalgia is dedicated to the lamenting sounds of reminiscence. Whether that is due to land and territory lost through occupation or the eroding away of traditions due to the ever-encroaching march of modernisation, loss is at the heart of this section. However, it is not all painful. Where there was beauty once, the spirit of beauty remains.

war & conflict

War & Conflict is a place for stories of determination, heroic action, defiance, submission and all that falls in between. All too often war brings with it sadness and death, but here, we feel the power of rebellion as well as the dangers of apathy.