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Rikki Tanika Dank

Lajarri Gallery


naturally dyed silk

104 x 104cm


This artwork is made from a silk scarf, dyed with natural pigments. Rikki Tanika Dank is a Gudanji and Wakaja woman from Borroloola, a remote community in Australia’s Northern Territory. The process of dyeing the silks takes several hours and is a tradition passed down from Dank’s mother and grandmother. This particular work was made by four generations of the artists’ family: herself alongside her grandmother, mother, and daughter in a collaborative act that encompasses the spirit of the artwork. It is named after the ‘big-mouthed fish’ or ‘gudjada’, which is found in the springs and creeks of the vast plains. The NFT has been animated to show the movement of the waters that this artwork represents. 

Rikki Tanika Dank is a Gundanji and Wakaja woman, from the Northern Territory (of Australia). Dank is the owner and director of Lajarri, a Dubai-based art gallery with a focus on indigenous Australian art. Her art is a collective process and central to the traditions of her country. This is the first time that her art has been exhibited outside of her home country.

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