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Hand of Liberation

Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen

Gulf Photo Plus

Fine Art Archival Paper Print 1/10

40 x 40cm x 2cm


A protester raises his middle finger at the riot police during an anti-government demonstration in Karbala, Iraq. The image, overlaid upon a video of burning tyres and set to the sound of the heated riot summarises the feeling on the streets as security forces clashed with protestors. Protests in cities across southern Iraq often turn violent and deadly as armed security forces open fire and protesters resort to setting fire to buildings and cars. The title of this work questions the idea of freedom and who holds the power in these volatile situations. 

Abdullah Dhiaa Al-Deen is an investigative photographer and storyteller. His work largely focuses on documenting social issues in Iraq, and he is a regular contributor to Reuters. He has received 21 awards, both locally and internationally, for his photography. He focuses on capturing people's everyday life as a way to make sense of the world he inhabits and the people he shares it with. He is the curator and contributor @everydayiraq & @everydaymiddleeast

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