Edward Woodley

Firetti Contemporary


enamel on steel and timber


Edward Woodley uses signage, the architecture of typography and appropriated functional object for the basis of his work. This series of four panels, made of enamel on steel and timber is inspired by military disruptive pattern material, pre-war Bauhaus furniture design, and hardcore punk band visual identity. The base materials of the works have been salvaged & repurposed, to investigate an obsession with the duality of self-governance within a centralised society.

Edward Woodley, born in 1977, lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Woodley is a practicing visual artist, and curator of the China Heights gallery. His passion for curation and developing artists grew out of his own art practice. Woodley's interest across all categories of art and openness to new technologies and mediums, means his work is always unexpected. Function and purpose are core to the energy in his varied work. Harnessing salvaged and repurposed materials, he intuitively investigates synthetic textures and organic form. In 2020 Woodley collaborated with Gucci to create original artwork for the launch of their Epilogue collection.

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