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Inside Out
Salwa Zeidan
Salwa Zeidan Gallery
acrylic on canvas
100cm x 90cm

Formed from a desire to capture her inner emotions, Salwa Zeidan’s expressionist paintings are both bold and intimate. In an attempt to mould the texture of life from daily conflicts to collective catastrophes, her paintings are a reflection of her internal consciousness that morphs and changes with experience in the real world. 

Salwa Zeidan is a Lebanese self-taught artist who dedicated herself to learning art history throughout her life. She developed her own technique through personal research, books and visits to hundreds of galleries, museums and artist studios. She began exhibiting her works in 1989 and her work belongs in private collections all over the world.

In 1999, she was invited by the Royal Academy of Science International in London to hold an exhibition dedicated to peace and entitled "Culture for Peace" and in 2006 she became the Ambassador of the World Peace Marker Project (WPMP) to Lebanon.
In 2007 she was invited as a speaker at the third Women Peace Conference in Dallas USA, in 2008 she went back to Abu Dhabi and reopened her Art Gallery where she lives and work today.

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