my son_s world 6 LR.jpg

My Son’s World (print)

Bashar Alhroub

Zawyeh Gallery


inkjet on luster photo paper 1/3

100 x 100 cm

In his series of artworks My Son’s World, Bashar Alhroub experiments with the spherical shape to tell the story of the world that his son dreams to live in. The sphere not only resembles the globe, it also bears reference to a crystal ball predicting a somewhat utopian ideal. It also points to humanity’s search for the inner self that begins in childhood and how the objects and memories of our past continue to orbit around us throughout our lives.

Born in Jerusalem in 1978, currently living and working in Ramallah. Bashar Alhroub graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Al-Najah National University, Palestine in 2001. He was awarded the Ford Foundation fellowship to pursue an MFA, which he completed in 2010 from the Winchester School of Art, the University of Southampton in the UK. In 2012, Alhroub was awarded the first grand prize at the 14th Art Asian Biennial, Bangladesh.
Bashar Alhroub’s work is also included in a number of international collections and museums including the Imperial War Museum, London; Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah; China Printmaking Museum- China; Bengal National Gallery, Bangladesh; Birzeit University Museum collection, Palestine; Omi Art Centre, New York; and Michael Abbate collection, New York; Bank of Palestine collection, Palestine; Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait- Kuwait and Dalloul Art Foundation DAF in Beirut. 

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