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No Tears Squad

Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen

Gulf Photo Plus


Fine Art Archival Paper Print

40cm x 40cm x 2cm


During ongoing protests in Baghdad, these civilian soldiers, dressed in home-made battle gear name themselves the ‘anti-tear gas grenades squad’. When the police or security forces fire tear gas grenades at the crowds, these men jump in to extinguish them within seconds, thus stopping the gas. If this is not possible, they throw the grenades back at government forces, risking being shot in the mean-time. The bravery of these vigilante heroes comes across in the powerful portraits that Abdullah Dhiaa Al-Deen has captured here. They are willing to put everything on the line to fight for what they believe in.

Abdullah Dhiaa Al-Deen is an investigative photographer and storyteller. His work largely focuses on documenting social issues in Iraq, and he is a regular contributor to Reuters. He has received 21 awards, both locally and internationally, for his photography. He focuses on capturing people's everyday life as a way to make sense of the world he inhabits and the people he shares it with. He is the curator and contributor of @everydayiraq & @everydaymiddleeast

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