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One Last Drink

Poppy Williams

China Heights


Sakura oil ink on printing paper 1/4

30 x 20cm print, 65cm x 56.5cm frame

The threat of an apocalypse coupled with dark humour and elements of the absurd characterise this series of work, which delves into socio-political contexts as well as the sometimes seemingly futile nature of life. As the world deteriorates around us, we pretend to care but in reality, we are all too caught up in our daily lives. Controlled by the media, our desires and perspectives are driven by consumerism and popular culture. Constantly devouring information while never absorbing it; switching from topic to topic without any real convictions, this series is to remind us while we continue with our daily lives, the world is literally burning outside. The lino prints are made using a hand-carved base and a rolling pin and wooden spoon.

Poppy Williams is a self-taught, Sydney based printmaker. Having begun printing at a young age, Williams’ practice, though ever-evolving, remains continuously engaged with the flux of everyday life. Having lived in the inner city for the majority of her life, her work responds to the movement and hubbub of Sydney’s city centre. She is fascinated by print makings intrinsically unique quality, meaning that no print is every able to be precisely reproduced. After finishing with a subject, she moves straight onto the next. Likewise, once a master plate has been printed, it is not revisited. Works are only ever printed in small runs making each print a unique and cherished object. Williams’ process is meticulous but straightforward, from the drawing up of the idea to the actual printing.

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