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Part III One Steppe Forward

Saule Suleimenova

Andakulova Gallary


Plastic bags on polyethylene

132 x 185 cm


This work stems from the artist’s experience of Qazaq Koktemi, a series of peaceful protests within Kazakh civil society in the spring of 2019. During this time of social upheaval, thousands of Kazakhstanis protested against the fraudulent presidential election and the unlawful renaming of their capital city along with other political events. This work thus reflects the dynamics of Kazakh protest: its faces; its bodies; its colours. The medium is a collage made from plastic bags, which Suleimenova uses as a metaphor to show diversity as well as unity. By choosing to use this composite material, she unites people with varying backgrounds, life stories, social and cultural attitudes and brings them together in the cycle of life.

Saule Suleimenova works on the edge of different techniques and media, including painting on photography, wax on paper, plastic bag collage and cellophane painting. She has a strong social impact in Kazakhstan. Her work was exhibited in but not limited to Self Festival of 56th Venice Biennale, Manifesta 11 in Zürich, Second Moscow biennale, Christie’s Auction House in London, East of Nowhere exhibition in Turin, Foundation 107, and the One Belt One Road exhibition of Hong Kong.

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