Petra Kaltenbach

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Petra Kaltenbach is an award-winning German painter residing in Dubai, who follows the trends of digitization. She moved to Dubai in 2004 when the transformative period of the UAE began. Her themes often explore transformation and metamorphosis. Her recurring motif is the pomegranate fruit, which stands as a symbol of love, wealth, health and divinity across traditions and cultures. Her latest series, NFT_LOVE LETTERS (2022) is a series of visual poems. They begin life as physical artworks painted and partially printed on mirrored stainless steel and then they take on their digital life with overlaid corresponding videos. The videos are transliterated Arabic terms of endearment such as NUUR AIYNI the light of my eyes, ALBI my heart or AZIZATI_my lovely, engaging with the deep romanticism of the Arabic culture, that she places at odds with the more rational thinking of her native German culture. She uses bright colours and a rush of patterns to create these visual love poems, which are a modern day ode to the timeless language of love.

View Petra's NFT collection here.

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