Ants Work - Ruba Salameh

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This work was made at the beginning of the artist’s exploration into using ants as a medium to express herself. The small insects later appear inside her paintings as representative of indigenous populations, resilient and surviving in the face of displacement. This geometric piece comprises thousands of hand-painted ants in a precise pattern. Perhaps, like calm waters before a stone is thrown in, this piece represents the Palestinian people prior to diaspora.


Each ant is meticulously hand painted. The physical art was then photographed and animated, accompanied by the audio from a microscopic recording device, depicted the actual sound of marching ants.


Artist Bio:


Ruba Salameh was born in Nazareth in 1985. She obtained both B.A (2006-10) and M.F.A in Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem (2012-2014). She lectures in the History of Art painting and practical classic painting at the Arab College in Haifa in addition to conducting short term workshops at Bezalel Academy. She participated in several exhibitions including “Limitless” at The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem, 2019; Contemporary Arabesque, Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem, 2018; SRINAGAR BIENNALE, Basel, 2018; and “Ghost Dance” Group Exhibition curated by Fadwa Naamna, Haifa, 2017; Tensegrity, Dubai, 2020.

Ants Work - Ruba Salameh

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