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Random Vibes


Racha Bennett

Salwa Zeidan Gallery


digital print on paper

15 x 10 inches


This long exposure photograph is the artist’s attempt to capture the qualities of chi or the energy of life. The contrast of the black background and the dynamic light waves are visual depictions of the transparent messages or vibes that we transmit as human beings. The energy that we emit reveals our truest feelings and although they are not spoken, they can be felt by others. This image has been animated to exemplify further the journey of these energy waves.

Racha Bennett is a Lebanese-American artist, born in 1978, in Byblos, Lebanon. She graduated from Webster University in London, majoring in Business Management, with a minor in Computer Applications. She began learning photography during her working years in Dubai, by attending workshops, and through an online school of photography. She won several awards during her training years, which gave her a lot of confidence in pursuing this passion. She has participated in several group exhibitions, and her art is included in public projects in the UAE. She now lives in the USA.

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