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The Social Network

Bernardo Siciliano

Aicon Gallery


oil on canvas

76 x 100in


The Social Network is a depiction of three of Siciliano's young relatives on a couch engrossed with their phones, seemingly in another reality. The entangled limbs of the young women make it so that, it is not easy to make out which limb belongs to which girl. The entanglement is a foreshadowing of the digital entanglement the subjects find themselves in - scrambled and complex yet also innocent and beautiful. The frenetic energy that social media can catalyse speaks to the artist's own struggle with anxiety at a young age and therefore a natural subject for Siciliano to take on. The canvas also treads a fine line - the eroticism of the subjects both in pose and dress serve to heighten the feeling of uneasiness in the viewer.

Siciliano was born in Rome in 1969. Il Gabbiano and Forum Gallery have presented his works at both international and national Fairs: the CIAE in Chicago, the FIAC in Paris, the Arte Fiera of Bologna, the LA Art Show and Art Miami. In 1992 the director Piero Maccarinelli commissioned him to paint the sets of the comedy Verso la fine dell’estate by Carlo Repetti for the 35th Festival of Spoleto. In 1995 he collaborated on Bernardo Bertolucci’s movie Io ballo da sola. He was among those highest classified in a referendum held among readers of the magazine Quádri e sculpture for the exhibition The Other Art? at Palazzo Barberini (Rome). In 1998 he was an award winner at the invitational XXXII Prix International d’Art Contemporain de Montecarlo. In recent years, he has been included in group shows at Albright Knox Museum (Buffalo) Galleria Forni (Bologna) and DFN Gallery (New York). His latest solo exhibitions have been at the Museo D’Arte Contemporanea (Rome), The Chiostro del Bramante (Rome), The Palazzo della Ragione (Milan), the Italian Heritage Culture Foundation (Los Angeles), Studio Forni (Milan) and Forum Gallery (Los Angles and New York).

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