Fethi Sahraoui

Gulf Photo Plus


fine art archival paper print

40 x 40cm:


Fethi Sahraoui’s Stadiumphilia is not about football it is about the stadium itself. The young boys featured in this series of photos and videos shot around Algeria’s football stadiums show chaotic, rowdy scenes, of cheering, jeering and shouting. On the surface, the boys and young men are gathering to support their local teams but under the surface, there is more to it. In Algeria, there are few places for young people and unemployment is high among the youth. Many of these boys are not here for football, the stadium is just a loophole permitting them to escape from the pressure of society. 

Fethi Sahraoui is an Algerian documentary photographer, working on the social landscape, after studying foreign languages in the university of his town Mascara he graduated this year after preparing his final studies project about the contribution of Black American photographers during the civil rights movement. Sahraoui work was shown in different institutions like the Arab World Institute and published on different platforms like the New York Times. He is a member of the 220Collective, a family of five photographers who are based in different parts of Algeria and who collaborate on different projects together.

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