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Take Me As I Come #1

Huma Shoaib

XVA Gallery


Ink, graphite and silver leaf on paper

76 x 57cm


Huma Shoaib is interested in balance and the natural equilibrium of the universe. The bees here are hand drawn and placed in a circular geometric pattern, which also reflects a deeply spiritual significance. Bees are essential building blocks of life on this planet and, as they circumnavigate this artwork, both their fragility and their power are emphasised. Sacred geometry, Islamic motifs and mathematical precision are also important backdrops to this simple, yet compelling piece of art. 

Born to Pakistani parents and raised in Saudi Arabia, Huma Shoaib took her formal training as an artist from the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. Though graduated with painting as a major she has also worked with various techniques of printmaking. Using parts of religious and sacred geometry Huma’s work explores the fine line amongst different belief that unites as well as separates them. Searching through the iconic geometry linked with different belief systems, her work describes the obsession of human nature with perfection and the divine. She regularly exhibits in Dubai.

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