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Troubled Land #7

Nabil Anani

Zawyeh Gallery


Mixed media on Paper

50 x 32cm

Nabil Anani’s Troubled Land series depicts a utopian vision of the Palestinian landscape in contrary to the reality that is full of military interruptions. From behind fences, checkpoints, bypass roads, settlements, the separation wall, the closed military zones and continuous flare ups of conflict, it has become extremely difficult for Palestinians to access their landscape for cultivation let alone for enjoyment. Here, Anani chooses to ignore all such issues and focus on beauty, which serves as an homage to the land that is gradually disappearing as a result of occupation.

Nabil Anani was born in 1943 in Latroun, Palestine. On graduating in Fine Art from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1969, Anani returned to Palestine and began a career as an artist and a teacher at the UN training college in Ramallah. Anani held his first exhibition in Jerusalem in 1972 and has since exhibited widely in Europe, North America, the Middle East, North Africa and Japan. Anani is a painter, a ceramicist and a sculptor using leather, henna, natural dyes, papier-mâché, wood, beads and copper. Anani was awarded the first Palestinian National Prize for Visual Art in 1997 and became the Head of the League of Palestinian Artists in 1998. After retiring from his teaching post in 2003, Anani has dedicated much of his time to voluntary pastimes, leading on the League’s activities and playing a key role in the establishment of the first International Academy of Fine Art in Palestine – with the assistance of the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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