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MORROW collective is an NFT fine art curatorship supporting artists, galleries, collectors and institutions. MORROW exists to bridge the traditional and crypto art worlds and foster mutually innovative growth. MORROW's unwavering focus remains on substance and narrative, displayed across virtual, real world and hybrid exhibitions. With a multi-faceted approach, MORROW prioritises the creative process to present digitally immersive experiences. MORROW collective are owners of multiple gallery spaces across various Metaverse platforms and are collectors with an extensive portfolio including some of the world's leading crypto artists.

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MORROW collective Super Rare Space is now open and you can see the exhibition here

Deep Blue was the name of the first computer system to defeat a reigning chess champion. Released by IBM in 1997, it optimised the alpha-beta search algorithm (the same type of search that is still used by many conventional computer engines today) and is now one of the earliest examples of the partnership that would develop between Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing. The name of the computer is at the core of the conceptual framework for this exhibition.

Rich in its hue, deep blue is a colour of trust, confidence and wisdom. It also commands power and authority. The artworks in this exhibition will embody the emotion of the colour blue, which symbolises calmness, stability and strength. Artworks will also explore the link that blue has towards breaking boundaries, frontiers and being at the cutting edge. Just as IBM chose the name Deep Blue for their super-intelligent chess-playing computer, ‘Deep Blue’ conceptually symbolises the vastness of intelligence between machine and man and what that means for our future.

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