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MORROW collective is an NFT fine art curatorship supporting galleries, artists, collectors and museums into the NFT space. MORROW exists to bridge the traditional and crypto art worlds and foster mutually innovative growth. MORROW's unwavering focus remains on substance and narrative, displayed across virtual, real world and hybrid exhibitions. With a multi-faceted approach, MORROW prioritises the creative process to present digitally immersive experiences. MORROW collective are owners of multiple gallery spaces across the most sought after and exclusive Metaverse platforms and are collectors with an extensive portfolio including some of the world's leading crypto artists.

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MORROW collective will present 'UAE First Immersion' at Art Dubai Digital in 2023. This is presentation of new artworks by some leading names in crypto art, produced after they visited the UAE for the first time in November 2022. The presentation will feature new works by Coldie, Colborn Bell, Monaris, Bryan Brinkman, untitled xyz and Raphael.

Launched as a new addition to the fair in March 2022, Art Dubai Digital provides an annual 360-degree snapshot of the digital art landscape, with the ambition of building bridges between the world of art and technology and exploring how artists are utilising immersive technologies to collapse the boundaries of the traditional art world.

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