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All Seeing Eye : collection

26 . 09 . 23 

MORROW collective launched space on Foundation World with 'All Seeing Eye', an interactive exhibition that was held at Seeing Things at Alserkal Avenue.

The concept of the all-seeing eye can be found across different cultures, religions, and philosophical systems throughout history. It is associated with powerful and all-encompassing attributes and is sometimes considered to symbolise a divine gaze watching over all of humanity. This exhibition lifts from those ancient beliefs to present a series of artworks depicting eyes that watch you as you watch them.


Featured artists: braincellsinapetridish, Copy Planet, Dax Norman, Donia Alshetairy, EM!, Fabin Rasheed, Gigi Gorlova, James Mendenhall, Jon Burgerman, Magda Malkoun, Melody Bossan, Rakim Jah,

Roadside Lake, Stelcart, Tara Rose Morris, Vestica, Yalim Vural

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-27 at 10.45.54_743e101a.jpg

Deep Blue @ ToDA : collection

27 . 08 . 23 

Deep Blue: Man + Machine, was an immersive audio-visual showcase at
Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA). The 3-hour experience included an interpretative dance performance, curator’s tour with Q&A, a workshop, and a metaverse VR experience.

Deep Blue was the name of the first computer system to defeat a reigning chess champion. It is now one of the earliest examples of the partnership that would develop between Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing.


Featured artists: Audrey Miller, Gary Cartlidge, Glass Crane, Hipworth, Jake-Andrew, Lamia Eda, Martha Fiennes, Stanislav Bartnikas, Tomás Mujica Pérez, Zam


Deep Blue : collection

10 . 05 . 23 

MORROW collective were proud winners of Space Race #5 on SuperRare. Deep Blue exhibition marked our gallery space launch on the platform. 

Deep Blue was the name of the first computer system to defeat a reigning chess champion. It is now one of the earliest examples of the partnership that would develop between Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing.


Named after IBM’s super-intelligent chess-playing computer, this exhibition comprises artwork that symbolises the vastness of intelligence between machine and man and what that means for our future. Artworks also explore the emotion of the colour blue, which commands power and authority and can embody calmness, stability and strength.


Featuring: Audrey Miller, Gary Cartlidge, Glass Crane, Hipworth, Jake-Andrew, Lamia Eda, Martha Fiennes, Stanislav Bartnikas, Tomás Mujica Pérez, Zam


Art Dubai : collection

01 . 03 . 23  -  05 . 03 . 23

Venue : Mina a'Salam

Launched as a new addition to the fair in March 2022, Art Dubai Digital provides an annual 360-degree snapshot of the digital art landscape, with the ambition of building bridges between the world of art and technology and exploring how artists are utilising immersive technologies to collapse the boundaries of the traditional art world.

MORROW presented two booths this year. Represented local and international artists,  emerging and established names from the crypto art world.

In collaboration with VISA we had UAE first Immersion booth. This booth had interactive MOCA room with a virtual exhibition. Collector set with one work from each of the USA based artists sold out during the fair, bringing over 150 new users to Nifty Gateway platform. 

The main booth represented five regional prominent NFT artists and Generative Art project Win - Victory - Love as a tribute to UAE.

UAE First Immersion Artists: Bryan Brinkman, Colborn Bell, Coldie, Monaris, Raphael, untitled xyz

Main Booth Artists: Fabin Rasheed, Farid Rasulov, Magda Malkoun, Naime Pakniyat, Nujoom Alghanem, Vesa


Ungated : collection

Ungated was an exhibition exclusively for Arts DAO members, which began with an open call in January, asking artists to respond to the title. The Nifty Gateway collection dropped on February 15th with seven artists, whose work questioned parameters, boundaries and ideas of freedom.

Limited editions for this exhibition are still available for purchase on Nifty Gateway

Featuring: Ginger Potter, Kistel Bechara, Magda Malkoun, Rimi Al Koutoubi, Samson Castelino, Waleed Shah, 1800. Weirdo


TO AI?OR NOT TO AI? : collection

To AI? Or Not to AI? That is the question - With quest curator Shurooq Amin

With the controversy surrounding AI generated art, from winning competitions to copying work of other artists, there are many polemics on this topic. Ethical or not, AI art is here to stay. However, one thing remains jarring as one more facet for dispute and scrutiny: AI art portraits tend to be soul-less.

In this Drop, entitled To AI Or Not To AI, That Is The Question, there is an exploration and interpretation of the concept of what gives life to art, what puts soul in the eyes, what it means to be a human being creating art versus an AI generated machine run by a human to create art.

Featuring: Rimi Alkoutoubi, Rosso Emerald Crimson, Cedric Fangeat, Nanda Khiara, Ahmed Taher


Neon Equilibrium : collection

That sweet spot, when everything is perfectly aligned and balance is achieved, is a moment of brightness. In our all-too-chaotic lives, we are continually searching for balance; an equilibrium that brings about a sense of calm. And, when we do touch upon that elusive goal, we shine, shine bright like a neon star. For Neon Equilibrium, artists express that clarity through works that dazzle with the joy of peaceful stability.


Featured artists: EstrujamentesHalim Al Karim, Huma Shoaib, Mariah Vestica, Momo, Rank SSS, Udit, Zam, 1800.Weirdo


Rhizomatic : collection

18 . 11 . 22 - Venue: The Museum of the Future

In partnership with UAE Embassy in Washington DC. Sponsored by Blackdove and LG Electronics.

Featured artists: Abdulla Albedwawi x Salem Al Zaabi, Fabin Rasheed, Kristel Bechara, Magda Malkoun, Mattar Bin Lahej, Nujoom Alghanem, Orkhan Mammadow, Sacha Jafri and Vesa.

Exhibition summary: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not defined by a singular identity but rather exists as a network of multiplicities; a latticed web of cultures, languages, backgrounds and imagined futures. Much like the internet itself, the UAE’s community is rhizomatic in structure, comprising different nodes with shoots and connections to a seemingly infinite number of others.

The artworks in this exhibition are created by artists residing in the UAE who have engaged with the philosophy underpinning Web 3.0, where decentralisation is returning autonomy to individuals and hierarchies are questioned. In Rhizomatic, you will discover narratives, which remain individual and distinct whilst simultaneously connected.

All the artworks were up on Nifty Gateway and were available for purchase for 48 hours only.  It included open editions, auctions, and limited editions. 


Abu Dhabi Art
Students NFT art :

16-20 . 11 . 22 - Venue: Abu Dhabi Art Fair

Showcasing student artwork from the Art and Technology Virtual Workshop we ran with Abu Dhabi Art earlier this year, in parallel with some of our favourite NFT artists.

The students were put into small teams and given the curatorial title WE ARE MICROCOSM, and just a few days to create these excellent results. All the student NFTs are available to buy on the platform

Featured artists:


Hamza Kirbas

Bakhodir Jalal

Tayseer Barakat


Amr Adel

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.37_edited.jpg

Gabriella Anouk: collection


15-18 . 09 . 22 - Venue: Camden Image Gallery, London

Showcasing from 27 . 09 . 22 - 25 .10 . 22 Venue: The May Fair Hotel, London

Gabriella’s Slime Series was inspired by the fruit and vegetables she had at home during the 2021 Covid-19 Lockdowns. However, she didn’t just want to draw realistic still life, she wanted to explore ways to enhance, disrupt and uncover the sensuality in everyday objects. She tried dipping a leaf in paint but this wasn’t flexible enough as once dipped there was no way of changing or manipulating it. She remembered her younger sister playing with slime and thought that could be the flexible medium she was seeking. She experimented by creating her own slime and found it to be perfect for her process.


In November 2021, Gabriella chose to draw a pomegranate as her final piece. She wanted a reference that would be challenging and a fitting end to the Slime Series, and this proved to be the case on many different levels. During this time Gabriella had Covid-19 and was quarantined in her studio for 10 days. She worked for over 200 hours drawing Pomegranate Amour. She chose a clear slime to add a beautiful dimension of transparency to this jewel in the crown of the Slime Series.

MORROW collective supports Gabriella Anouk as NFT partner.

301752088_983749893017857_2686219843019240282_n (1).jpg

Generative Human with Alserkal Avenue: collection

27 . 08 . 22 - Venue: Sima Dance Company

Part of More Than Human Summer by Alserkal Avenue.

This performance demonstrated how the body responds to and transcends encounters with digital art/NFTs. This newer form of art is itself a manifestation and product of the world we have created off ground – the metaverse. The improvisatory dance contrasted the carefully curated selection of artworks chosen to evoke emotional richness. The accompanying discussion enabled audiences to see what bodily responses to NFTs can look and feel like.

Featured artists:
Bakhodir Jalal
Gabriella Anouk
Petra Kaltenbach
Deryk Bempah
Bashar Alhroub

Zeba Dhaka
Magda Malkoun
Almagul Menlibayeva


Meta Moina Launch : collection

28 . 07 . 22 - Venue: Art In Space

Meta Moina is a Bangladeshi decentralised fashion and art NFT digital gallery. Meta Moina represents designers and artists including jewellery Designer Niharika Momtaz, and artists Fareha Zeba, Harun Ar Rashid Tutul, Habiba Nowrose, Mahmuda Siddiqi & Afroza Hossain Sara. This is helping a future, where designers and digital artists have more ways to connect with a new generation of collectors.


MORROW collective is proud to support Meta Moina as a gallery partner.

Featured artists:

Habiba Nowrose

Fareha Zeba

Harun Ar Rashid Tutul

Mahmuda Siddika 

Niharika Momtaz

Afroza Hossain Sara

IMG_6538 (2)_edited.jpg

14 . 07 . 22 - 14 . 08 . 22 - Venue: Art In Space

Group Exhibition featuring artists: Petra Kaltenbach, Gabriella Anouk, Fareha Zeba


Exhibition Summary: The pomegranate is an ancient and mythical fruit that carries with it legend and power. In many traditions, the fruit is said to have properties that boost fertility and are sometimes smashed in bridal chambers to encourage the birth of many children. Across scripture, the fruits are presumed to have 613 jewel-like seeds, one for each of the commandments in both the Torah and the Bible and in Islamic literature, legend holds that each pomegranate contains one seed that has come down from paradise. Perhaps because of this mysterious allure, the pomegranate is also known as the forbidden fruit – the one that lured Adam and Eve to fall from the Garden of Eden and which, when eaten by Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring, brought about winter. This exhibition explored that significance as well as celebrates the beauty of the pomegranate.

274930048_1133323404102454_5890764332245635539_n (1).jpg

Art Dubai : collection

11 . 03 . 22  -  13 . 03 . 22

MORROW collective were part of inaugural Digital Section. Reflecting Dubai's position as a global centre of the blockchain world, this section focused on art in the digital and NFT realms and featured several international platforms working with NFTs; contemporary galleries with projects devoted to new media and digital art; galleries that have been working with digital art since the 1980s; and NFT e-commerce sites and organisations that are turning existing physical art into NFTs.


Art Dubai is the Middle East’s leading international art fair. Over the past 15 years, Art Dubai has cemented its role as a major catalyst in the local, regional and international conversations on art from the Middle East and surrounding region (MENASA – Middle East, North Africa & South Asia), and putting art from these territories onto the global map.

Featured artists:

Larry Otoo, Deryk Owusu Temp Bempah, Chris McNeil, Bakhodir Jalal, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Magda Malkoun, Aisha Juma, Meriem Bourdebala, Siddiqa Juma, Betty Acquah, Kourosh Salehi, Halim Al Karim, Khalid Al Banna, Salwa Zeidan, Stelcart, Hercules Fisherman, Abdulla Dhiaa Al-Deen, Saule Seleimenova, Nabil Anani, Sarah Rahbar, Ruba Salameh, Sonu Sultania


Gateway to the Metaverse: A Global NFT Art Exhibition

01 . 03 . 22  -  15 . 04 . 22 Venue: House of Wisdom, Sharjah

This exhibition was a partnership between MORROW collective and Global Art Exhibition, a group of international artists practicing across blockchains. The show presented a collection of digital art, crypto art, and traditional art with an aim to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world by opening a gateway on ground to virtual exhibitions and introduce traditional artists, collectors, and visitors to the metaverse. Together, we wanted to explore new ways to support contemporary art and artists with the technology of NFT and blockchain and expand on the concept of decentralisation to make art accessible to all.

Featured artists: Ruba Salameh, Hazem Harb, Bakhodir Jalal, Kahalid Al Banna, Magda Malkoun, Aisha Juma, 1800.Weirdo, Orkhan Mammadov,( Lala Gems -IG), Liz Ramos Prado, Taylor Wilkinson, Stefano Favaretto, Racha Bennet, Mary Noga, CMC Reverse painting.

50-50 install4.JPG

50 | 50 : collection
in collaboration with Dubai Culture

15 . 01 . 22  -  15 . 02 . 22 Venue: Al Safa Art & Design Library, Dubai

To celebrate the golden jubilee of the foundation of the United Arab Emirates. we invited viewers to explore 50 NFTs made by UAE-based artists in collaboration with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority


The works varied from 3D images to animations, from digital drawings to traditional paintings, and from collages to photography. Some of them are powerful portraits of humanity or abstract musings on the human condition, while some others are fun and light-hearted, dramatic and strong, convey powerful messages, or are there for pure visual enjoyment. The NFTs are as diverse as the artists who made them and are a true reflection of the UAE's multicultural society.

Featured artists: 1800.Weirdo, Akshay Arora, Alia AlGaoud, Bassem Alemam, Bonny Mathew, Chris McNeil, Clare Napper, Dalal Ahmed, Distressed Design, Esra sam, Fatspatrol, Gigi Gorlova, Haitham Taha, Hamza Kirbas, Issa Al Kindy, Karine Roche,  Khalid Al Banna, Kristel Bechara, Liz Ramos-Prado, Mej, Mary Noga, Matt Ryder, Melanie Taylor-Wilkinson, Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein, Myneandyours, Nevine Meguid, Rathz, Sonu Sultania, Satwa 3000, Stelcart, Valentina Alexeevna, Petra Kaltenbach, Dune Studios, Fink22, Dea NFT Queen,

Social Media Posts (77).png

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

22 . 11 . 21 - 23 . 11 . 21 Venue: Sharjah Expo Centre

MORROW collective participated in the fifth Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival with a selected NFT collection from our 50 | 50 exhibition. Anna Seaman moderated a panel discussion titled 'Reality Bites: Going Meta about the Metaverse’, which attempted to demystify the metaverse and highlight the boundless possibilities that emerge when the virtual and real worlds come together. 

MORROW also hosted a workshop for participants explaining the ins and outs of getting started with an NFT practice as an artist.


Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 1.05.56 pm.png

Into the Revolution : collection

20 . 09 . 21  -  20 . 11 .  21 Venue: Foundry  Downtown Dubai


This exhibition presented physical artworks by eight artists alongside NFTs derived from those pieces.

Artists: Hazem Harb, Huma Shoaib, Bashar Alhroub, Abdullah Dhiaa Al-Deen. Fethi Sahraoui, Saule Suleimenova

The dominant form was the shape of a circle - a revolutionary shape, one that signifies movement and speed. It was used as a metaphor for the rapid pace of the emerging crypto art scene. Other motifs included, geometric patterns, borders and impermanence, & revolution and rebellion.

The exhibition was a marriage of high level curation and NFT technology amid a rapidly changing art landscape that warranted documentation.

Welcome to the revolution.


NFT | IRL : collection

10 . 08 . 21  -  15 . 09 . 21 Venue: Firetti Contemporary, Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai

With NFT artworks and their physical counterparts exhibited side by side, this hybrid exhibition was the first of its kind in the region, bridging NFT art and traditional or IRL (in real life) art.

Artists: Ahmed Emad, Kadara Enyeasi, Irvin Pascal, Josh Rowell, Jacques Vartabedian, Helidon Xhixha and Fatiha Zemmouri

Exhibition Statement:
We live a world that demands ever-increasing efficiency. We are all time-poor and therefore, speed is the most sought-after commodity. Hence acronyms, abbreviations, coding shortcuts and innovation. The crypto sphere meets this demand, connecting people all over the world with decentralised systems that break down physical boundaries. For art, this is revolutionising and exciting and, with the birth of NFTs, we are seeing quantum shifts in the way art is produced, disseminated and traded. Now, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have entered the main stream. This exhibition places them IRL (in real life) so that viewers can appreciate not only the digital possibilities but the tangible potential of both physical and digital art. Here, the original artwork – be it a painting, drawing, collage or sculpture – hangs side by side with the NFT. It is a marriage of mediums that helps to bridge the gap between tradition and tomorrow.

gen ss 1 (2).jpg

Genesis : collection

28 . 05 . 21 - 20 . 06 .21 Venue: Origin Art Museum / MORROW Voxels gallery

MORROW's first (genesis) exhibition, exhibited solely in the metaverse. This show presented 60 works of art by 37 artists from 12 gallery partners and was curated across five curated sections. All artists in the show presented Genesis NFTs.

Exhibition Statement:
There is always a beginning. For these artists, Genesis marks the beginning of their journey into crypto art. It is also the Genesis of MORROW collective. MORROW prides itself on substance and narrative, bringing compelling stories from around the world into one space. In this, our inaugural exhibition, you will find intimate portraits, national pride, nostalgic yearnings, myths, traditions and futuristic projections. You will find emotions such as anger, joy and humour as well as serenity, peace and abstract wanderings of the creative mind. The show is divided into five sections, which take the viewer on a journey of possibilities. Art is not only about beautiful aesthetics; art can also change lives offering new perspectives for each and every viewer. Come on our Genesis journey with us and experience something that you didn’t even know that you were missing. 

Featured artists: Tayseer Barakat,Irvin Pascal, Rikki Tanika Dank, Faitha Zemmouri, Ryhia Dank, Askhta Akhmediyarov, Sonia Mehra Chawla, Rad Dan, Edward Woodley, Jacques Vartabedian, Omar Zeida. Hosni Radwan, Rafat Asad, Kadara Enyeasi, Racha Bennet, Philip Mueller, Fatema Al Mazreoui, Bernada Siciliano, Hazem Harb, Abdulla Dhiaa Al Deen, Hussain Sharif, Ondine Seabrook

ad art 21 1.png

Abu Dhabi Art

17 . 11 . 21 - 21 . 11 .21  Manarat Al Saadiyat

The Fair's 13th edition featured 50 local, regional and international galleries. Our booth was in collaboration with FBMI.  UAE gifted Pontifex carpet to Pope Frances in 2016 which was immortalized by being made into NFT and sold for charity. The only existing 272x183cm physical version of the carpet remains with Pope Francis, however, Zuleya (Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative’s carpet retail arm) created a replica and was gifted to the buyer of the NFT.

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