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It has been 10 years since fine and conceptual artists began to interact with blockchain technology. These pioneers used blockchain as a conceptual medium as well as a tool to authenticate work, embed provenance and prove scarcity. 


To mark a decade of blockchain art, MORROW collective presents {R(Evolutionaries);}.

A celebration of those who laid the foundations of this movement and those who perpetuated it.

The two-part exhibition features historic and contemporary pieces from visionary artists who pioneered blockchain art in 2014 and whose deeply conceptual ideas laid the foundations for the movement that would follow. It also charts the history of the decade by showing the genesis work of influential artists from every year alongside new work as well as key events that shaped the movement. This story is told in a dedicated Metaverse Museum


{R(Evolutionaries);} was unveiled at Art Dubai Digital 2024 and is brought to collectors in partnership with Sotheby's and SuperRare.

Here is an overview of how {R(Evolutionaries);} came about, and to thank and acknowledge the people and resources that helped along the way.

circa 2014 artists  //  Sotheby's  //  15th-21st March, 2024
2015-2023 artists  //  SuperRare  //  Launch February 28th, 2024
+ Independent minting & platforms
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MORROW x Sotheby's x {R(Evolutionaries);origins;} artists

Tuesday 19th March, 2024

12pm EST | 9am PST | 8pm GST

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