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Anna Beller

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- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?

My genesis work 'M-Circle Studies' is a first playful geometric study following a logical system to work with shapes and colours. It's timeless in its graphical expression but drawn with digital tools to allow new visual and conceptional experiments I continued with in bigger series afterwards.

- What message(s) are you sharing in your new {R(Evolutionaries);} artwork?

'Colour Particles' is a digital colour-field study that plays with colour-transparencies of bold organic shapes versus a fine geometric grid. It's questioning topics of scale, lack of gravity/ immateriality and movement in the digital space. The topic of color-transparencies celebrates the possibility to work with digital tools with the medium of light.

Anna Beller - genesis - M - Circle Studies.jpeg
Genesis: M - Circle Studies
Anna Beller - Ink Circle Study 001.jpg
Anna Beller - Ink Circle Study 002.jpg
R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: Ink Circle Study 001,
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R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: Ink Circle Study 002
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