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//Curatorial Guidelines
An expression of the artist’s experience in blockchain art since their genesis, acknowledging the past and rapid evolution of the blockchain arena. In a space where a second feels like a day, 10 years is a veritable lifetime in the world of blockchain art. We celebrate this milestone by inviting artists to take a retrospective look at the past decade and encompass their individual personal and professional growth since their genesis blockchain art mint.

Works listed in alphabetical order based on artist name
Anna Beller - Ink Circle Study 001.jpg
Anna Beller - Ink Circle Study 002.jpg
Anna Beller,  Ink Circle Study 001, 1/1, see listing
Anna Beller, Ink Circle Study 002 , 1/1, see listing
bard new.gif
Bard Ionason, Smoke and Shape , 1/1, see listing
Bard- project.gif
Identity- bryan.gif
Bard Ionson, Smoke and Shape , 272 editions, see listing
Beatriz Helena Ramos, Nature Vivant  1/1, see listing
Bryan Brinkman, Pioneers 01 Identify , 25 editions, see listing 
pioneers Art.gif
Bryan Brinkman, Pioneers 02 Art , 25 editions, ​see listing
Untitled design.gif
Bryan Brinkman, Pioneers 03  Collect , 25 editions, see listing 
Pioneers Gen.gif
Bryan Brinkman, Pioneers 04 Gen , 25 editions, see listing 
Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 10.22.45.png

Coldie, Decentral Eyes 3D - Vitalik Buterin - Variant 01, 2024, 1/1, Digital 3D Asset (GLB), see listing, enquire to

DADA new.gif
DADA, DADAGAN MetamÓrficus AutÓnomus Agent, 1/1, see listing
Danielle King - Les Deux Amis.png
Danielle King, Les Deux Amis , 1/1, see listing
David new.gif
David Henry Nobody Jr. When You Gotto Go You Gotto Go 1/1, see listing
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille - LifeGraph#1.png
Dev Harlan, Afterlives V (Deposition in Plastic), 1/1, see listing  (excerpt from the video)
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille, LifeGraph#1
 1/1, see listing
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille - LifeGraph2.png
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille, LifeGraph#2,
see listing
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille - LifeGraph#3.png
Fandefantastica - Mechanical Fireflies-   2024 .jpg
Distributed Gallery x Laurent la Torpille, LifeGraph#3
1/1, see listing
bitport 2029 - gary cartlidge.png
Gary Cartlidge, Bitport2029  1/1, see listing
GISELX new.gif
GiselX, SPARKSINSTILLNESS , 50 editions, see listing,
(excerpt from the video)
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-29 at 09.10.36.jpeg
GiselX, SPARKSINDEPTH , 1/1, see listing,
(screenshot from the GLB)
grayson earle.png
guillaume 10years.jpg
Guillaume Ducos, The Decade  1/1, see listing
Grayson Earle, 60€ Fine Incurred for Riding Transit Without a Ticket in Berlin , 1/1, see listing
Gus Grillasaca, KEK Meme God , 1/1, see listing, (except from the video)
Ira Greenberg, Avatars of Goa , upto 10,000 editions, see listing
J'erre, The Chain , 1/1, SOLD, editions available see listing 1 / 
see listing 2 (except from the video)
Lex Doom - DoomVisionPro.gif
Lex Doom, Doom Vision Pro , 1/1, see listing
MandelDuck Tobi of Arabia , 1/1, see listing
Martin Lukas Ostachowski The Past - Known, Uncertain, Unknown: My Past, Present, and Future , 1/1, see listing
(excerpt from the video)
Martin Lukas Ostachowski, The Present - Known, Uncertain, Unknown: My Past, Present, and Future , 1/1, see listing
(excerpt from the video)
Martin Lukas Ostachowski, The Future - Known, Uncertain, Unknown: My Past, Present, and Future , 1/1, see listing
(excerpt from the video)
Max Osiris - 4B3RR4NT4NT1QU1TY.013370.png
Mrhansel new.gif
Max Osiris, 4B3RR4NT4NT1QU1TY.013370 , 1/1, see listing
MrHansel, 2024, ctBrick, 1/1, see listing
(excerpt from the video)
Moxarra Gonzalez, Forever, 1/1, see listing
(excerpt from the video)
Norma Xelda Jara, Creativity  1/1, see listing
Norma Xelda Jara, Freedom  1/1, see listing
Norma Xelda Jara, Invisibility  1/1, see listing
Norma Xelda Jara, Market  1/1, see listing
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 08.56.42.jpeg
Osinachi, Dream a Little Dream , 400 editions, see listing
oona new.gif
Oona, Basic Instincts The Horse, 1/1, see listing (excerpt from the video)
Rare Scrilla - new work - FAKEGOAT_0046e1d5850f276693b3ae99abead612.jpeg
Rare Scrilla, FAKEGOAT, 1/1, see listing
Theo Goodman, Truth in Manie , 1/1, see listing, (still from the video)
Untitled, xyz, Of Arches and Alchemy, 1/1, see listing
Untitled, xyz, Meridian Monumenta1/1, see listing
Untitled, xyz, Polygonal playground, 1/1, see listing
Untitled, xyz, Scaffold Spectra1/1, see listing
Untitled, xyz, The Continous Column, 1/1, see listing
Untitled, xyz, Diagonal Datum1/1, see listing
Wednesday Kim The Inferno’s Digital Twin , 1/1, see listing,
(excerpt from the video)
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