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- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?

My genesis artwork is living the goal I had for it. The series Is called Decentral Eyes and the goal was to create historical relevant portraits of the people who are pivotal to the blockchain revolution. Vitalik Buterin is the co-creator of Ethereum which has continued to be the most important smart contract blockchain.

- What was a significant event that happened in the 10-year history of Blockchain art that influenced you as an artist? 

Artist secondary commissions is a key component to what makes tokenized art sales the blockchain an artistic revolution. Artists should benefit from their ongoing success. Currently that only happens on primary sale and the artist and their family never see any residual income as the artist continues to grow their career.

- What message(s) are you sharing in your new {R(Evolutionaries);} artwork?

Some things change while others remain the same.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.01.26.png
Genesis: Decentral Eyes - Vitalik Buterin - Variant 01
Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 10.22.45.png
R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: Decentral Eyes 3D - Vitalik Buterin - Variant 01, 2024, 1/1, Digital 3D Asset (GLB), see artworkenquire to
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