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- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?

Seven years after launching the Creeps & Weirdos, we are very proud of helping pave the way for the evolution of crypto art by being the first platform who encoded artists’ royalties into smart contracts for the first time. The Creeps & Weirdos were an inspiration for many artists and platforms who followed and we are particularly proud that many of the artists who created them on DADA are still part of our community and of the cryptoart community at large.

- What was a significant event that happened in the 10-year history of Blockchain art that influenced you as an artist?

In 2017 we decided to adopt blockchain, impressed with the potential of the technology, particularly by Ethereum, its smart contracts, and token economy. Two influential projects inspired us to launch the Creeps & Weirdos.The Rare Pepes’ exuberant meme art and  community, and the Cryptopunks’ decentralized marketplace gave us a glimpse into digital scarcity and what it meant for digital art.

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Genesis: Creeps and Weirdos
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R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: DADAGAN MetamÓrficus AutÓnomus Agent, 1/1, see listing, (excerpt from the video)
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