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christian moss_edited.jpg
- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?

Surprise, It wasn't intended as a piece of art per se, it was meant to be a tokenized game asset skin for the character, the fact that people almost 10 years later covert it as a rare collectible art piece is both heart warming and surprising.

- What was a significant event that happened in the 10-year history of Blockchain art that influenced you as an artist?

For me it was seeing Rarepepe tokens on counterparty take off, before this I had only seen tokens being used as utility tokens in gaming and finance etc, we were surprised that people would create and collect tokens just for their artistic value and that a game or function was not needed.

- What message(s) are you sharing in your new {R(Evolutionaries);} artwork?

That the SaruTobi game and tokens are still alive with new pieces and game updates planned for the future, in the new artwork piece I want to also pay homage to the {R(Evolutionaries);} exhibition for creating the circumstances to develop a new piece.

Mandelduck Christian Moss - SARUTOBIPEPE1.jpg
Genesis: Sarutobi Pepe
Tobi of arabia.gif
R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: Tobi Of Arabia, 1/1, see listing
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