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Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

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Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are media artists whose works extends from the moving image and software to drawing, painting, and installation. Their projects often seek to situate new technologies within our culture, using contemporary tools and questioning their impact both on the individual and on the social sphere. Early projects include database sculptures of television clips filtered into categorical frameworks and diorama like miniature film sets activated by live cameras and software.  In their work, technology serves as a mediator between the human and the world, and as an active force which not only shapes its material but reframes the entire project of what we choose to see. Recent work refigures mid century images of the American west with collaged databases of AI generated landscape photography.

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Artwork 1
Cars (2024) Jennifer & Kevin McCoy 00:59. video
The original NFT, ‘Cars‘ (2014) was transferred as gif, to Anil Dash on stage at the New Museum in New York in May 2014 as part of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven, for the launch of Monegraph. Ten years later, for the anniversary of blockchain art, Jennifer & KevinMcCoy revisted the original footage for a new 1/1 NFT

Artwork 2

Cars, Hive (2024) Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. 00:30, video

Using varying editing techniques, Cars, Hive (2024) takes the faded archive footage of the 2014 NFT to produce a cascading effect. This 1/1 work is a piece of blockchain art history.


Artwork 3

Mussafah (2024) Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. 45:00 video with sound.

VIEW HERE (password: jkmccoystudio)

A 45-minute video through the manufacturing zone of Abu Dhabi. The slow tracking shot allows the eye to take in the complex details of this environment, whose streets are largely devoid of people although it operates on 24-hour work shifts.

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