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Wednesday Kim

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- What does your genesis artwork mean to you today?

It is like my first born baby. My Genesis artwork is similar to the life-changing experience of having a firstborn child. It signifies a transition into new roles and responsibilities, much like new parenthood reshapes family dynamics. This milestone marks a transformative shift in my relationship with art, the audience, and the digital art community.

+Artwork info: This artwork was created as a response to reading about the policies of certain Japanese schools that prohibit ponytails on the grounds that they could 'sexually arouse' men. Yes, I was pissed. 

- What was a significant event that happened in the 10-year history of Blockchain art that influenced you as an artist?

I am a fan of memes, and this was a huge influence,rather%20than%20selling%20it%20quickly

- What message(s) are you sharing in your new {R(Evolutionaries);} artwork?

"Inferno's Digital Twin" explores the complex relationship between art and blockchain technology, highlighting how digital innovation both liberates and confines artists. It delves into the moral and ethical dilemmas posed by the commodification of art in the digital age, particularly through NFTs. The poem portrays artists as navigating a new, transformative digital landscape, striving to maintain their creative essence amidst rapid technological changes. Ultimately, it reflects on the evolving nature of art in the digital era, emphasizing the revolutionary yet challenging fusion of art, technology, and commerce.

Genesis: LA Hal-mee-mee #1
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-28 at 17.31.31.jpeg
R(Evolutionaries);} artwork: Inferno's Digital Twin, 1/1, see listing, (still from the video)
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