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MORROW collective is proud to announce an ongoing NFT partnership with Martha Fiennes, an artist, writer, filmmaker and visual architect who lives and works in London.


Fiennes’ 2018 work Yugen is a celebration of digital technologies, film practice and the infinite possibilities of creative expression. Launching an NFT collection derived from clips of the artwork, is the natural next step in its evolutionary journey.


Yugen is an on-going, dreamlike and surreal encounter with a natural, material world, as well as with that of alternate dimensional realities. The actor Salma Hayek Pinault is Fiennes’ muse and the film is accompanied by a hypnotic music and sound score written and produced by Magnus Fiennes. It is also a digital, generative, moving-image artwork which relinquishes its narrative control to AI and therefore makes each viewing spontaneous and unique.  

RECUT Salma black distance.Still046.jpg

The powerful, mesmerising and dynamic imagery emerged from an inspiration to explore ideas around a Gnostic text that describes the fall and restoration of a mythical female divinity known as Pistis Sophia. In Yugen, Salma Hayek-Pinault plays the role of Sophia. The work explores the idea of traversing non-material realms by journeying into and out of the material world and between dimensions. The viewer is transported into a dreamscape in which neither time nor narrative exists on a linear plane. Indeed, Yugen speaks to the subconscious whilst tackling a thematic around the seen and unseen forces of our energetic existence.

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