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This 16-minute short film, written and produced by Dania Bdeir, won the jury prize for best international short film at Sundance Film Festival 2022. The NFT collection offers fans exclusive access to deleted shots and behind the scenes footage as well as gives them a chance to support the film's journey towards the 2023 Academy Awards.


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“Warsha offers an intimate look at the realities of cisgender males, especially focusing on the experiences of those who migrate. Migration represents a critical disruption that exacerbates the traditional expectations for men to be tough, take risks, express no emotions and be the breadwinners. These expectations fill the life of men across borders, religions, and cultures. We also get the rare opportunity to explore the hidden narrative and a deeper sense of how men who defy the borders of traditional masculinity experience life. The fears and anxieties of crossing border as well as transgressing normative notions of masculinity are vividly present. At the same time, an overwhelming and breathtaking display of the love, tenderness, courage and grip it takes to find freedom to be true to who you are. Oxfam America applauds the talented people who brought this story to life.”

- Sebastián Molano, Manager Intersectional Feminism and Gender, Oxfam America

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'Warsha' tells the story of Mohammad, a Syrian migrant working in a construction site in Beirut. One day, he volunteers to operate one of the tallest, most notoriously dangerous cranes in Lebanon. Suddenly free from the oppressive city below, he finds space to unleash his true self.


The NFT collection, The Taste of Sky is curated by MORROW collective. From the Leonardo Da Vinci quote: “once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up”, this collection is a tribute to all those searching for genuine and honest freedom of expression, wherever and whoever they are.

The collection is currently available for purchase via Dania Bdeir, short, film writer and director, Oxfam International and MORROW collective networks with such purchases being processed on demand before being released to the public. MORROW collective will mint works on demand to Foundation (#1 & #2) and Nifty Souq (#3, #4, #5 & #6). Alternative preferred platforms can be requested by collectors and will be subject to availability.


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This continuously looping sequence - a deleted scene from the original film - is a climactic moment for both audience and protagonist. Mohammad's journey of escape to the top of the crane, whilst terrifying and challenging, has now reached its peak and he finds space to be free, not just in the small cabin but across the vast sky. Mohammad performs for Beirut; for the first time in his life, he embodies the truest version of himself and he is seen by the whole city in his full, magnificent glory.


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A percentage  of sales goes to Oxfam USA.


Single edition NFT

Purchase includes digital canvas with NFT embedded.




In the early stages of making this film, Dania Bdeir (writer & director) imagined including scenes of an industrial elevator traversing the floors of a building under construction. In her vision, each floor would mirror a slide in a roll of film and also symbolize the passing of time. This NFT is inspired by that vision. It is comprised from a single continuous shot that was deleted from the film, and has been infinitely looped to give the feeling of monotony. Metaphorically, the continuous repetition represents the life of the migrant workers, from which Mohammad will not escape if he does not climb the crane.

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As a professional dancer, Khansa (the main actor) communicates with his body and expresses himself through movement. This behind-the-scenes moment was captured between shots when the actor was himself but also in character somehow. Completely unplanned, the camera operator pressed record when he saw Khansa begin to move. We witness a merge of actor and character that feels like watching Mohammad's imagination take flight thus communicating his inner monologue, which is slowly revealed throughout the film.

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The Climb NEEDS SOUND.png

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Climbing a construction crane is not for the faint-hearted. The metal creaks, the structure sways and the wind whistles around your ears. You are alone with the elements and edging towards the sky. This image, taken from the film's 2018 teaser, is not in the final production. However, the composition of the image encapsulates the escape from the density of the city to the symbolic freedom above it and it is a visual reminder that during the process of escape, the path is never easy. However, the results are worth the struggle.

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In this scene, shot in a virtual studio using a LED wall and cutting edge Unreal engine technologies, the camera shifts focus from the cityscape back to Mohammad. This gives the illusion that the man is now larger than the entire city and thus, easily able to break free from social rules and restrictions.


Here, the audience has a voyeuristic view of Mohammad as he relishes the privacy that he has craved since we met him. As he spreads his wings and becomes one with the city, Mohammad prepares to embody that space. He is at a precipice, ready to fly and ready to soar.


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For the first and only time in the film, here, Mohammed looks directly into the camera lens telling the viewer that he has reached his moment of becoming. He doesn't speak throughout the film, however, this look is the closest he's come to interacting with the audience


This is his authentic self, no longer squashed or sidelined by the restrictions of social taboos. He is free and flying in a blaze of flaming red with confidence shining from his eyes.

A percentage  of sales goes to Oxfam USA.